Information on intermitting


Intermission – or ‘disregarding terms’ to the University – is the process where students can take time out from their studies for medical reasons, or other grave cause. Everyone knows someone who’s intermitted, and estimates suggest around 200-250 students (graduate and undergraduate) intermit across Cambridge each year. And yet there’s no real accessible guidance for students out there.

This document was created for all undergraduate students at Cambridge, who are either currently intermitting or simply seeking to learn more about the process. This guide is not official in the sense that it has not been written or endorsed by the University – and we think that that’s OK. We’re truthful about the realities of intermission and the issues that can come up, but simultaneously provide direct and accurate references to University policy and guidance, and links to the sources themselves if you need them.

Let’s hope that the guide fulfills its purpose: to enable students of Cambridge to make informed decisions throughout the intermission process, and to enable access to support and advice.

And if you’re a student who is intermitting, returning from intermission or considering intermitting, join our Facebook support & solidarity group!


Uni resources on intermission

These are the official university guidance and forms on intermission and resuming study. NB the university refers to intermission as 'disregarding terms'.

Examination Access and Mitigation Committee - covers undergraduates and some postgraduate courses

Postgraduates specific guidance


Other options

Considering intermission due to chronic (mental) illness or disability? It might not be your only option – take a look at our new Guide to Extension to Period of Study (Double Time)