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Disabled Students' Campaign


We are the Disabled Students' campaign

The Disabled Students’ Campaign aims to unite and represent disabled students at Cambridge University.

The campaign is run through forums which are run twice a term by the DSO. This is the place where disabled students get together, share grievances, express solidarity, and use all this to fuel the work and policy of the Campaign. The DSC also has an executive committee, who you are welcome to contact if you have any questions. One of the best things about the DSC is that over the years it has become the place for a wealth of resources relating to being disabled at Cambridge. We have an incredible Resource Library based at the SU, and our web pages are filled with support and advice for Cambridge students.

The DSC also runs several online communities (usually over Facebook) – head over to our support group page to see more, and contact us if you have an idea for a new online community, or if you want to run an event.

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Our projects include creating and collating resources to guide you through your time here; advocating for greater inclusion and accessibility at the university; bringing together the DSC community through events and creative endeavours like our zine.