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In Cambridge, disabled students are still massively disadvantaged by systematic inequality in the university which means they cannot achieve their full potential. Disabled students are amongst some of the most passionate activists fighting for change in our university, but they cannot do this when they are continually excluded from activism by disablism and ignorance. It is vital that disability is central to all activism. If our activism isn’t accommodating to disabled people, how can we expect our universities; our politicians; our society as a whole to take our demands seriously when we ourselves exclude a whole portion of society?

Accessibility pledge

The Cambridge SU Disabled Students’ Campaign Accessibility Pledge is a pledge for any and all groups in Cambridge, such as J/MCRs, University and College clubs & societies, campaigns and activist groups, social and discussion groups, etc., to sign and adhere to.



Accessibility pledge - plain text below


Sign the pledge

Submit via our form and email us at disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk to let us know you’ve filled out the form


List of Pledged Groups


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Other helpful resources

Accessibility Statement Generator

The DSC access statement generator is a simple way to create access statements for your in-person events. You can then copy-paste the statement into your event description, for example on Facebook, on Eventbrite or in an email.


Example Access Statements

In-person event: DSC Forum in the SU lounge at 17 Mill Lane. The lounge has wheelchair & step-free access via a lift. There is a variety of seating including armchairs and sofas. There are gender neutral bathrooms, including a wheelchair accessible bathroom. There is a hearing loop (please ask for this to be turned on when you arrive if you need it!). There will be snacks and drinks, including vegan and gluten-free options. Forum is a relaxed event; you may move around the room, lie down, arrive or leave whenever you wish, etc. Forum will be live-minuted into a google doc to enable remote attendance. For any other accessibility info, please email disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk


In-person event: We will meet on Christ’s Pieces, by the Memorial Garden, which is in the centre with flowers and benches. Message an organiser if you would like any help finding us! The park is directly by Emmanuel Street bus station, and there is wheelchair access via a path. We will sit on the floor and bring some blankets, cushions and snacks (fruit), but feel free to bring your own; we will be 2 metres apart and there will be hand sanitiser available. You are welcome to choose whether or not to wear a mask; if you find it hard to communicate with people who are wearing a mask please let us know and we can help explain this to others. There will not be an interpreter or hearing loop, and the nearest toilets are the public toilets (including a partially accessible toilet, which also serves as a gender neutral toilet) by the bus station, which take 20p coins. The partially accessible toilet has a radar key to access. You are free to move to a quieter area or leave at any time and we will take regular breaks in the discussion. Anonymised notes will be available afterwards. For any queries please contact disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk


Online event: Our meeting will take place over Microsoft Teams at [link]. There will be automated captions and minutes will be available afterwards. You can contribute in advance by adding to our agenda [here]. You are free to attend with camera and mic off, contribute via the agenda, chat or out loud in the meeting. We will take access breaks on the hour. Please let us know your access requirements and contact disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk with any queries!


Mixed event: Our meeting will be both in-person and virtual. You can attend in the JCR, which has wheelchair access, padded seating, low tables, power sockets, and also a hearing loop if requested in advance. There won’t be a BSL interpreter but we can set up Live Transcribe if requested in advance, or you can use it on your own device. The designated quiet space is the seating area outside the JCR. To find the JCR please check the map [here] or contact us with questions. To attend online, please visit [Google Meet link], where there will be automated captions. There will be live minutes via [Google Doc link] and you are free to move around, leave, turn off mic or camera at any time. We will take a break halfway through, and if you have any requests or questions please contact Elia SU via Messenger or email disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk!


Link to accessibility statement generator →

This is an accessibility statement generator designed to provide clear and concise access information for events held within the University or elsewhere. Just fill in the information you have, hit generate and then copy the text produced (which you can edit in place) to wherever you need it. Having clear information is very important for an event to be as accessible as possible - if you don't know you can get into an event then you may just not bother trying, no event is truely accessible without the information to say that it is!


Cambridge SU Disabled Students’ Campaign and May Ball Presidents’ Committee have developed a programme that enables balls and large-scale events to be designed as accessibly as possible, so they can reach even more people and make all their guests feel welcome.


Text of the Pledge

“As President of my College’s May Week, or similar, Event (‘Event’), I pledge to integrate improving accessibility into all parts of the planning experience such that as many people are able to enjoy the event as possible. 

I pledge to provide for the access needs that we can anticipate, as guided by the Access-a-ball workbook. When an unanticipated access need or a specific request is raised, we will do everything we can to accommodate and make that person feel welcome, getting advice from DSC if unsure how to proceed. 

We will allocate a role on the committee that is fully or partially dedicated to the Accessibility of the Event, and the individual fulfilling this role will attend an ‘Introduction to Event Accessibility’ meeting held by ‘Access-a-Ball’. ”


Signing up for the scheme involves

  • The president signing up to the Access-a-Ball pledge.
  • Having a designated contact on the committee for accessibility & disability matters.
  • The contact attending specially designed DSC training and bringing any queries to us (we’re happy to help!)
  • Committee going through the Workbook, which has specific guidelines for different areas of event planning and which committee member this concerns.
  • Publishing a preliminary access statement before ticket sales open.
  • Publishing a full access statement before the end of ticket sales.
  • Attending a meeting to check progress part way through the year.
  • Submitting evidence after the event to show which guidelines were met.
  • The events will be marked and awarded afterwards (Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum).

Signing up to this scheme is a great opportunity to show that accessibility is being taken seriously in all aspects of event design, as well as providing great publicity in general. If you think your college ball or June Event should sign up, let them know!


Events that have signed up for 2024


Who is our training for?

Any student who is interested in learning more about disability provision within the university, how to run accessible events and how to signpost students in need of support. Everyone can benefit from our training, not just the designated Disabled Students’ Officer or Events officer!


How does DSC training work?

  • You can access live training sessions on Google Meet or in-person - see Upcoming Training to sign up.
  • You can also access our online training resources - see Resource formats.
  • Then you can complete the training quiz.
  • Optional: after passing the quiz, you can choose to be listed on this page as being trained for the 2022/23 year! We are not sent a message when there are new quiz results, so mail disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk if you would like us to add you to our public list of trained officers.


Upcoming Live Training

Sign up for training coming soon!

We also advertise our live training sessions via our Facebook page, Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram, mailing list and on the Cambridge SU events page (search ‘DSC’).

If you would like to attend a live training session but can’t find an existing session that you can attend, please email disabled@cambridgesu.co.uk and we will set up a session for you!


Online resource formats

Here are our training resources, available in a range of formats.

You might also find it helpful to check out our Accessibility Pledge, which has guidance on different steps you can make to improve accessibility.


Who has been trained?