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Standardising international storage


Background: Storage is a common concern for international students, who simply cannot afford to bring home all their belongings with them on long haul flights. Despite this, colleges do not provide adequate storage for students; some colleges do not even have storage available. This information is also not available on college website, which would've impacted college selection during application. 

Action: To liaise with each college to provide a minimum of 1mx1mx1m storage space per international student. 

Designate budget for international students during the holidays


Background: Some international students are unable to go back to their home country during the vacation, meaning they must resort to college accommodations. With the current cost-of-living crisis, rent and living costs are becoming a problem with a proportion of the international student body.  

Action: Colleges must set up a fund for international students at £500 per student, where students can apply for financial support in the case of hardship.