Who we are


The International Students' Campaign (ISC, formerly iCUSU) represents, campaigns for and runs events for international students. It is also the umbrella body for all international societies and students in Cambridge University. We aim to serve as a hub for all things international happening in Cambridge, whilst looking out for the needs of international students. Any student of the University of Cambridge who identifies as an international student is automatically a member of ISC. ISC is an campaign of Cambridge Students’ Union, politically autonomous and ran by students. The ISC Chair is accountable for the exercise of their vote in the Cambridge SU Council.


2023-24 Committee

Chairs | Ju Yi Tai and Kelth Lee


Vice-Chairs |  Zi Suen Kok and Helen Cai 


Postgraduate Vice-Chair | William Lan


Secretary | Tanai Chotanaphuti


Treasurer | Sihan Yu


Publicity Officer | Hiu Yu (Why) Wong

contact via @isc_cambridge on instagram

Socials Officer | Qinglan Du


Societies Coordinator | Hillary Lo


College Coordinator | Sushant Patil


Access Officer | Cherie Cheung


Freshers' Officers | Kitty Tseng, Brandon Chang, and Dorothy Ho


Welfare Officer | Matthew Wong



General Committee | Alison Carless, Abdullah al Zaif, and Jia Rong Poon




Elections are held in Lent term. All members of ISC are eligible to campaign for a committee position and have voting rights in the election. Although voting occurs via the SU website, hustings are organised by the standing ISC committee before voting commences.


How decisions are made

All members of the committee have an equal say in proposing new ideas and voicing their opinions. Some committee members play a more influential role in certain tasks or event plannings, but all members can participate in the decision making.