How you can help

Get involved

There are lots of different ways to get involved in campaign activities:

  • Come to our fortnightly forums (Wednesdays in the SU Lounge at 7pm)
  • Contact your college Women's Officer
  • Run in committee elections!
  • Get involved in the Gender Agenda Zine
  • Contact the committee with any questions or ideas (scroll down to find them in the footer)
  • Follow us on social media to see what events and campaigns we are running


Safe Space Policy:

The Women's Campaign does not tolerate any form of harassment or discrimination at any of our events (online or in person). This includes but is not limited to racism, xenophobia, islamophobia, antisemitism, ableism, homophobia, misogyny, sexism, misogynoir, transphobia and transmisogyny. 
The Women's Campaign retains the right to remove you from any of our spaces if you violate this safe space policy and make anyone in the space feel unsafe, harassed or discriminated against. 

Upcoming events

Check back in the Michaelmas term for more events!