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Women's Campaign


We are the women's campaign

The Women's Campaign is a space for students who identify as women and/or have gender identities which include "woman". We use 'woman' here as a broad political coalition to actively campaign against misogyny, transmisogyny, sexism, racism, ableism and capitalism in the collegiate univeristy and further afield.

A feminist abolitionist space, we are also a vibrant community committed to learning together and caring for each other; we run book clubs, create zines and throw events, talks and movie nights. Once a fortnight we also have The WomCam Forum which anyone identifying with the Campaign can attend and be involved in; Forum is the hub of the Campaign and your input here determines our direction. If you are interested in feminist organising, or just want to learn more about who we are and what we do, make sure to come to our events! We can't wait to meet you! 

All those who identify as women, have gender identities including 'woman' or feel they experience misoginist oppression are welcome to attend and make use of the WomCam space (only if they wish to do so) at any time during their studies. You gender is never questioned at WomCam events - we assume that if you are here, that this space if meant for you!

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What we're working on

The activties of the campaign are lead by an elected committee of students in a range of roles. The committee includes the SU Women's Officer, Rosie Freeman, who is accountable to the campaign and its members.

Here are some of the key projects we are working on in 2023-24:

  • Anti-drink spiking measures in clubs and college bars
  • Support for Student Sex Workers: we recently wrote a guide check it out on our Linktree
  • The Gender Awarding Gap: sign our open letter on Rosie SU's instagram!
  • Better street lighting in the city
  • Gender Agenda Zine
  • Working with other campaigns to ensure we are intersectional in our work