Who we are


The Class Act Liberation Campaign is here to represent students from working class, low income, state comprehensive, first generation, estranged, young carer, homeless, and care-leaver backgrounds. The campaign seeks to build a community of people who have experienced social, economic, cultural, and educational disadvantage and provide a safe place for people who do not fit the typical Cambridge mould.

Building a community is of vital importance to us but our work does not end there. The Class Act Campaign exists to liberate students from financial pressures, social exclusion and cultural barriers that are present at Cambridge. As a University wide campaign, and through college Class Act officers, Class Act is here to represent and make positive change for the students who fall under our umbrella.

We have committee roles that represent various intersectional groups: BME, Disabled,  International, LGBT+ and Women and Marginalised Genders. We also have committee members for First Generation students, as well as Care-Experienced, Homeless and Estranged Students. There is a Facebook group chat for each and every one of these, and at least one event per term for each of the groups too!

To stay connected with us, check out our LinkTree for links to all our social media pages, and our super busy Facebook group!


Forums decide the policy, direction and rules of the Class Act Campaign. They are a space where all self-identifying Class Act can go to raise concerns, hold the Class Act committee to account, and get moreinvolved in campaigns for change. Forums offer a great place for Class Act Committee and college officers to come together and share what they have been working on with each other and all other class act students. Forums are vital to ensure campaign coordination and to ensure that there is equality across colleges. There is always opportunity for involvement and engagement at forums so please come along!

Meet the Committee

Get to know the backgrounds of our committe and email us at classact-committee@cambridgesu.co.uk.