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We are the class act campaign

We are the Class Act Campaign are here to offer support and guidance, provide a sense of community and campaign on behalf of students who have experienced economic, social, cultural, or educational disadvantage. There is importantly no strict criteria to Class Act but many students often identify themselves as being from one or a combination of the following backgrounds: working class, low income, state comprehensive, first-generation, estranged, young carer, homeless, care/foster system

Cambridge can be alienating and disorientating but we are here to remind you all that you deserve to be here and that you are here despite your background, not because of it! It is likely that you will face some related difficulty during your time at Cambridge so please do reach out to the campaign or any of its officers if you need support!

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Vice President


Campaigns Officer

First Generation Students' Officer

Welfare Officer

Young Carers Officer

BME Officer

Women's Officer

LGBT+ Officer

International Officer

Care Experienced, Homeless and Estranged Students' Officer 

What we're working on

This campaign is very much a continuation of widening participation work, as although there’s a lot of work going into getting students from these backgrounds to apply to Cambridge, there is little support for them specifically once they are here. We firmly believe that access should not end at Admissions.

  • Organising events to build communities for Class Act students
  • Coordinate with J/MCR Officers and societies and campaign on  issues that matter to our members