Cambridge SU

Ethical Affairs Campaign


We are the Ethical Affairs campaign

The Ethical Affairs campaign at Cambridge SU coordinates and supports grassroots student campaigning across the University on issues including climate justice, worker's rights, and demilitarisation.

Meet the Committee

Undergraduate Chair | Sam Hutton

Climate Justice Officer | Erica Morgan

Living Wage Campaigns Officer | Wajeeha Manal

Open Portfolio Officer | Charlotte Morris

Open Portfolio Officer | Bogdan Rajkov

Postgraduate Green Officer Representative | Chloe Balhatchet

What we're working on

We organise many events to bring together the student community in Cambridge and you'll find us supporting the work of College Green & Ethical Officers of affiliated Common Rooms in addition to:

  • Campaigning for a reduction in environmental impact created by Colleges, the wider university and its departments
  • Promoting local volunteering, charitable and activism work for students
  • Campaigning for the Living Wage for all University and College staff
  • Promoting socially responsible use of students' financial resources
  • Campaigning against the systematic militarisation of the University
  • Collaborating with the SU and other SU campaigns