What's life at Cambridge really like?

We know it isn’t easy choosing which university to go to and applying to Cambridge can feel like a big decision to make! As we’ve experienced this ourselves, we’d like to try answer any questions you might have and help you make informed decisions. From web pages on Colleges (where we live) to courses, social life to academic support, the Cambridge SU Alternative Prospectus is the student insight to Cambridge: we’re not trying to ‘sell’ it to you – rather tell you our experience so you can decide for yourself.

Unfortunately, Cambridge is surrounded by many myths and stereotypes that prevent people from thinking that it’s worth applying. Hopefully, the student profiles and experiences on this website prove that Cambridge is actually made up of people from all sorts of backgrounds – this university is for everyone, no matter where you've come from, what your parents do for a living, or the type of school you went to. We promise it’s not all work, work, work, either – that myth is very wrong too!

Check out the Courses section for profiles on each undergraduate course, advice on choosing your course and info on academic life. The Colleges section tells you about where students live, with info on what a College actually is and profiles of each one. The town and university as a place to live is described in the Cambridge section. The Student Life and Applying sections are coming soon! You can ask questions to current students through each Course and College page and via our Ask a Student page, where you can find the answers to other questions that have been asked too.


The people in a College room talking to eachother.

Whether you want to contribute or find out more about the university, the Alternative Prospectus is a great source of information that you wont find elsewhere. You'll find College specific information, including:

  • Facilities provided
  • distance to facilities not provided
  • Special diet availability
  • Extra curricular and activities
  • Welfare support
  • Accommodation feedback from current students

You'll also get to view course specific information, feedback and some examples of student timetable.


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