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Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

Introducing your Student Rep

Jenna Buller

Hi, my name is Jenna (She/Her) I am one of the undergraduate Access and Class act officers at Emmanuel College. I am a first generation student in my second year, studying Psychology. As part of my role I work to organise events for prospective students on the academic and social aspects of university. I am also responsible for working with members of the college who identify as coming from widening participation backgrounds ensuring their transition into university, as well as their time here is as enjoyable as possible.

Key Facts

Average offer: A*A*A

3 years

Available at all colleges except Peterhouse

Key subjects for admission: None mandatory, but strong Biology/Maths GCSE expected

Written assessment if interviewed

No inclusive prayer space :(


Why did you want to study Psychological and Behavioural Sciences?


I have studied psychology since GCSE level and have always really enjoyed it. I also really enjoy maths and biology which are 2 core aspects of psychology so it just made sense to continue with it.

How is the Psychological and Behavioural Sciences course structured?


Currently each year consists of 2 compulsory papers and 2 optional ones which can be selected from a long list of other triposes. However, I think this is changing soon so that there are 3 compulsory papers and one optional. The core papers cover things such as social and developmental psychology, research methods, statistics, experimental techniques. The optional papers can be from HSPS, archaeology, Natsci, Law, Sociology, education and more.

What is the faculty building like?


The psychology department includes a practical classroom, lecture theatre, the psych sanctuary (this is a chill study space with vending machines and free hot drinks machines) as well as a small library.

What is the workload like?


This will vary greatly depending on which optional papers you take as the course load varies greatly. However for the compulsory papers these are usually 2 lectures per week per paper and 4-8 supervisions per term. In first and second year you will also have practical classes normally 2 per week which last 2 hours. HSPS papers are typically 2 lectures per week and 3/4 supervisions per term. whereas Natsci papers are 3 lectures per week and 8 supervisions per term. Typically the papers that have weekly supervisions do not require as much written work whereas those that are only 3 a term usually require a 1200-1500 word essay to be submitted.

What about your course would you change?


While the optional papers are good it can make the course feel somewhat disjointed especially if you are taking papers from across multiple tripos. However this may have been resolved based on the new paper options for future years.


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