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Wolfson is a mature and postgrad college, meaning that everyone is a bit older (but not necessarily much wiser) than at the standard age colleges. We have some of the best and biggest social spaces, hosting loads of events throughout the year, making this one of the friendliest places to be. Because there is no hierarchy between staff and students, or undergrads and postgrads, it feels like a proper community and you can get know all kinds of people that you might otherwise never have crossed paths with. The college's diversity and inclusivity makes this a real home, wherever you might have come from. Wolfson was founded in 1967 as University College and is well known for having a lot of Asian-inspired architecture in honour of Lee Seng Tee, a major benefactor of the college.

Introducing your JCR Access Officers

Ella Hawes

I'm Ella and I'm a Student Ambassador for Wolfson College, getting involved with some of the outreach programs for the college. After a long hiatus from education which involved many years adventuring around the world, I came to Cambridge in 2021 to finally get myself a degree, finding a natural home among all the mature(ish) students at Wolfson.

Key Facts

~50 UG students per year

College size across the uni ranges from 80 - 200 students/year

~£4200 median yearly rent (2022-23)

Median rent ranges from £4100 - £7100 across the uni, including mandatory catering charges. Note this is a rough guide only, and there will be cheaper options as well.

Free gym

Music practice room

No inclusive prayer space :(

Vegetarian, vegan meals available daily

Gender expression fund available

A fund to reimburse students for items that make them more comfortable with their gender presentation, including but not limited to binders, packers, and concealing underwear

Good accessible accomodation


What is your favourite thing about Wolfson?


My favourite bit of college is the bar, of course! Our club room is really the beating heart of Wolfson - it functions as a coffee shop and work space during the day, becoming the bar by night, so there are always people around studying, playing pool, or just hanging out, and it is also the location of our famous Howler comedy nights as well as our infamous BOPs and other events


There's no shyness, everyone just sits down to eat and relax with someone they've never met before and just gets to know them.

Describe your first year accommdation.


In first year I had a standard ensuite room with a shared kitchen which was around £160 per week. This is the most common type of room with more than 200 across the site, although there is a little variety in the actual size of these rooms meaning you can get lucky and have a fancy bay window and window seat or a much more compact space. Mine was somewhere in the middle - a decent sized wardrobe, single bed, desk etc., and a wet room instead of the usual shower cubicle. My kitchen was supposedly shared between 10 people, but was only actually used by 2 of us, meaning it stayed nice and clean, and there was always lots of fridge and freezer space available.


£169 weekly rent. Kitchens were shared between 8-15 people. They included 4 hobs, a grill (which didn't always work), and an oven.

What is the food like?


The food is actually pretty good - we've had a recent change in the kitchen staff and there has been some pressure from students to widen options, which college took on board, meaning that we now have lots of choices. At every meal there is a main option, a fish option, a vegetarian one, a vegan one, a simple (read: cheap) pasta option, and a soup, plus there are salads, sides and desserts. The best meal of the week is fish and chips at Friday lunch, which never fails to have a queue down the corridor. We also have the friendliest kitchen staff, which makes a big difference! As well as the cafeteria, the clubroom is open as a coffee bar during the day and the cakes and brownies are insane.


Decent quality, but there's no kitchen fixed charge, so a main + dessert will set u back around £5.

Does Wolfson provide additional funding?


Wolfson has been running a pilot scheme of additional funding for students who are already in receipt of the Cambridge Bursary, which hopefully will be continuing in the future. It's also worth noting that the Cambridge Bursary is much more substantial for students who are 'independent', so over 25 years old, which quite a few of our students are. There is also hardship funding, although it's worth knowing that this is a loan, not a grant, so not necessarily all that helpful unless you can be sure of income in the future. There are also academic prizes, including one which can be won every year for getting a first, which is pretty decent.

What welfare provision does Wolfson offer?


As well as having tutors and DOSes, like all colleges, we have a wonderful College Nurse, who is unbelievably helpful and supportive. She is available for drop-in sessions and is the best listener, offering some of the most helpful advice I've had, and she also knows all the many avenues of help that Cambridge can offer so can point you in the direction of more niche support if required. There is also a new Student Wellbeing Advisor, who also offers drop-in help or appointments for any mental health related. In addition to these more formal sources of help, our students association (WCSA) has many reps for all groups of students, running frequent events specifically for student welfare, including the weekly Welfare Tea and Cake sessions, and can be contacted regarding any welfare concerns.

What are the facilities like at Wolfson?


Rooms with accessibility options are scattered throughout the college site, but in particular in the building around the Western Field, which has a lift to all floors and all blocks within this building are linked without needing to go outside or up and down. Students with accessibility needs can email the Deputy Senior Tutor before the room allocation process to confirm their requirements and this information is then passed on to the Accommodation Manager. The gym has a weights room with lots of free weights as well as several machines, and a cardio room with a couple of rowing machines, treadmills, and an exercise bike.


We have a multi-purpose hall which has a stage and AV setup, this can be used for theatre rehearsals and performances.

What would you change about Wolfson?


I would like for the rent to have remained the same as previous years rather than rising, considering that the Cambridge Bursary has not also been rising in line with inflation, although I recognise this is an issue across the university.

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