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Selwyn, founded in 1882, is a medium sized college with roughly 120 students admitted per year. The college is about a 12 minute walk away from the centre of town, but we are at the academic centre of Cambridge. We are directly next to Sidgwick Site meaning it's simple for students to utilise nearby workspaces and cafes, and public transport is available via the University bus stop outside college. We also have a number of animal residents, with a fox often being seen around the grounds, as well as the Master's two dogs. Flexible catering options are available, with hobs and fridges in all accommodation (There are a few houses which have a freezer and an oven, but these are in the minority and most accommodation does not). Unlike some colleges, food is on a pay as you go system and students are not forced to pay in advance for food/formal meals.

Introducing your JCR Access Officers

Isaac Latham & Rebecca Driver

We're Isaac and Rebecca, the access officers for Selwyn College. In our role we provide support to prospective students and help with outreach events with both our college and others.

Key Facts

~115 UG students per year

College size across the uni ranges from 80 - 200 students/year

~£5900 median yearly rent (2022-23)

Median rent ranges from £4100 - £7100 across the uni, including mandatory catering charges. Note this is a rough guide only, and there will be cheaper options as well

Free gym

Music practice room

No inclusive prayer space :(

Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal meals available daily

Gender expression fund available

A fund to reimburse students for items that make them more comfortable with their gender presentation, including but not limited to binders, packers, and concealing underwear

Good accessible accomodation


What is your favourite thing about Selwyn?


I love the Selwyn brunch, which is served on weekends and includes a full English breakfast as a treat. Another thing I like about Selwyn is its proximity to Sidgwick Site, meaning I'm close to my faculty building (history) and don't have to get up and cycle for morning lectures.


The main reason I picked Selwyn was that it's in the academic centre of Cambridge. I can walk everywhere I need to go and get the U bus on rainy days. Also, I like that Selwyn has an auditorium that holds talks by societies, the JCR and the Master, which are free for college members. It gives a nice break from study that's just outside my doorstep.

Describe your first year accommdation.


All first-year rooms are located in Cripps Court, meaning socialising is simple, and most students know most of their cohort by the end of their first year. Currently, first-year accommodation costs either £184 or £209 per week, depending on room size, with a fixed period of residency (FPR) of 30 weeks per year. Whilst the size of kitchens does vary, each does contain a hob, full-sized fridge, microwave, and kettle. Furthermore, each person gets their own cupboard, and the kitchen is shared between 8 people. Before freshers arrive, rooms are randomly allocated (unless a student is in the choir, music tripos or has specific access requirements).

What is the food like?


The average price of a meal is £4.50  Having lunch in Selwyn is a popular choice for those studying in the Sidgwick site, and the college is well known for its weekend brunches. There's always a decent variety at meal times which caters to a range of dietary requirements.

Does Selwyn provide additional funding?


Selwyn offers a range of funding for a variety of reasons including:  The Elgar Grant; The Hepper Fund and the Hodgson Fund - which support disabled students The Dawson Fund - which supports students with serious mental health problems and various funds to facilitate trips abroad.  The college can also provide support in exceptional circumstances in the form of a grant or loan.  The JCR (a student-led committee working within the college), also has a number of smaller funds such as: the cycle safety fund, the gender expression fund, the disabled students fund, and the emergency medical fund to name a few.

What welfare provision does Selwyn offer?


A range of welfare provisions are available from the college including: a college nurse who can provide some support for mental health and funding such as the Dawson Fund. Additionally, the JCR offers Welfare hours; and events to help relieve anxiety i.e. yoga and weekly non-drinking events, in addition to normal university provisions such as UCS (University Counselling Service) and the college tutorial system.

What are the facilities like at Selwyn?


Selwyn's accessible rooms vary depending on the person's needs, they can include low surface kitchens, different beds and accessible bathrooms. Selwyn uses a pre-balloting system which means those who need an accessible room will get priority in the ballot and will be able to choose a few friends to live with them. We have a small gym containing a treadmill, exercise bike, rowing machines, a weights rack, free weights and weight benches. The gym is free to college members and can be booked online for both personal and society orientated training. We have an auditorium, not a theatre but you can do talks and, in theory, performances if students wanted to as it can be booked out for general use.

What would you change about Selwyn?


Finding a way to change how lunches and brunch are done. It's great that Selwyn attracts a lot of people, but it's annoying to queue for so long for a meal in your own college.

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