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Hughes Hall

Introducing your MCR Access Officer

Nina Forsyth

Hi, I'm Nina and I'm a second year in PBS at Hughes Hall. I've been on the MCR for Hughes Hall for both years too, initially as Ethical and Environmental Officer and now as LGBTQ+ and Equality Officer.

Key Facts

~55 UG students per year, with large PG cohort

College size across the uni ranges from 80 - 200 students/year

No info on median yearly rent

Median rent ranges from £4100 - £7100 across the uni, including mandatory catering charges. Note this is a rough guide only, and there will be cheaper options as well.

Free gym

Music practice room

No information about inclusive prayer space

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free meals available daily

Gender expression fund available

A fund to reimburse students for items that make them more comfortable with their gender presentation, including but not limited to binders, packers, and concealing underwear.

Good accessible accomodation


What is your favourite thing about Hughes Hall?


My favourite thing about Hughes Hall is how closely knit the community is. Despite having over 1,000 students, there are always some regulars hanging around and it is easy to get to know people. The vibes are good and there is a large international community that opens you up to new cultures and customs. My first time celebrating Chinese New Year was here and influenced by my Singaporean friends. I am really grateful for the community we have fostered here in Hughes Hall.

Describe your first year accommdation.


My first year accommodation was in Gresham Court. I got a good sized room with a small double bed, a desk, set of drawers, plenty of storage, and an en suite bathroom with a good sized shower. It was all clean and well-designed and felt like a hotel room when I first arrived. Being a disabled student and an independent student, even though this is considered Band A accommodation, I paid Band C rates due to my circumstances. The kitchen was shared between me and 7 others. There were 3 mini fridges, 2 were divided between 3 people, and I shared mine with only one other person. There was one freezer that was the size of a mini fridge. Two sinks, two ovens and two hobs and limited counter space. Good amount of space to have friends over with window seats, a sofa, and a table with six seats.

What is the food like?


Food here can be hit or miss. Avoid the mousse, the meat is generally good, and the desserts (minus mousse) are immaculate.

Does Hughes Hall provide additional funding?


My college provides the Cambridge Bursary (up to £6,600 based on circumstances) and hardship funding, but the hardship funding form is often considered rather invasive by many students due to the amount of detail required.

What welfare provision does Hughes Hall offer?


In the MCR we have welfare officers for Female and Nonbinary students and for Male and Nonbinary students that hold various events like Sunday Tea and Cakes, movie nights, self-defence training, mental health talks and so on. There are also LGBTQ+ and Equality and BAME and Equality Officers who organise events targeted at LGBTQ+ and BAME students to connect them with their communities more easily. We also have a Head of Welfare and Wellbeing external to the MCR who helps students access help they may need, or can sometimes just be a good person to talk to.

What are the facilities like at Hughes Hall?


There are a few ground floor accessible rooms throughout the college. Gresham Court, an accommodation a five minute walk through the cricket grounds from the main college area, has a fair number (~30? possibly more) of ground-floor accommodation, but there is also a lift which provides access to all other floors. As a disabled student, prior to coming to Hughes Hall I was able to speak to someone about my needs and tour the grounds to find the room best suited to me. I listed my favourite rooms and got my first pick. Hughes Hall is very good with providing accommodation to disabled students. Our gym is small but comprises primarily of rowing machines as it is repurposed from and shared with the Rowing Club.

What would you change about Hughes Hall?


The prices at the MCR bar. They have drastically increased over the past year and the bar is the primary place to socialise but the prices of drinks have become obscene, which will soon drive people away.

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