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Churchill College is a Hill College, meaning it is about a 15-20 minute walk, or 10 minute cycle from the centre of town. We have the biggest college site; providing room for a gym, music centre, library, tennis courts, netball courts, squash courts, sports fields and accommodation for all undergraduates. Around 70% of students take science subjects.

Introducing your JCR Access Officers

Sarannia Ragulan

Hi, I'm Sarannia Ragulan, a medic at Churchill College, and I am one of the Access and Education officers for Churchill's JCR this year. I'm very much looking forward to working with the Josh, the other A&E officer at Churchill, and the rest of the JCR to increase the application support we can provide prospective students, and to showcase what a brilliant college Churchill is.

Joshua Sebastine

I am studying medicine at Churchill. I am from Darlington, which is a small town in the north east of England.

Key Facts

~135 UG students per year

College size across the uni ranges from 80 - 200 students/year

~£5700 median yearly rent (2022-23)

Median rent ranges from £4100 - £7100 across the uni, including mandatory catering charges. Note this is a rough guide only, and there will be cheaper options as well

Free gym

Music practice room

No inclusive prayer space :(

Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal meals available daily

Gender expression fund available

A fund to reimburse students for items that make them more comfortable with their gender presentation, including but not limited to binders, packers, and concealing underwear

Limited accessible accommodation


What is your favourite thing about Churchill?


The atmosphere of the college is very warm and friendly, so it very much feels like a home away from home- I'm sure anyone at Churchill would agree with this! I think the all the open space and fresh air definitely contributes to this vibe, and the grounds are just another one of my favourite things about college- they make the perimeter walk around the college very relaxing.


The music centre, as I enjoy playing the Steinway (model B) grand piano there. I also like the fact that we have a huge field (I can see the sun set over the field from my room).

Describe your first year accommdation.


My first year accommodation was a room on the top floor- carrying my stuff up 2 flights of stairs wasn't fun! However, it was a large room, with lots of space and a long, heated window seat, meaning I had more than enough space for all my friends in my room :) I had a shared bathroom, but this was only shared with one other person and it only took a couple seconds to get to it, so this wasn't bad at all. The kitchen was shared between the 6 of us on the floor- there was enough space for 2 to 3 of us to be in there at a time.  The rent was in the lowest band, so I was overall very happy with my accommodation in first year!


The rooms are nice. Rent prices range from around £1400 to around £1800 per term depending on what room you get (depending on regular/large size and ensuite/not). The rooms are quite large (mine is 5m by 3m, but some rooms are larger and some a bit smaller). Very few first year students get ensuite.

What is the food like?


We have the dining hall open for 3 meals a day, everyday. There are generally a few options to choose from. The non-veg options are generally quite good. However, some days, the vegetarian options are a bit questionable. However, if you really don't want to eat from the dining hall, there is also the option of getting something to-go from the Buttery (sandwiches, soups, wraps, pizza). On Saturdays, we have brunch which is something we look forward to :)


The food is ok. There's quite a few options (options can be limited if you go towards the end). The portion size is quite small and it is a bit pricy: around £2.50 for main, £1 per side and £1.80 for desert.

Does Churchill provide additional funding?


There is are many different types funding provided by college, ranging from bursaries and grants to scholarships. Some of these include Travel grants, University Sports + Arts Representation grants, Funding for Financial Adversity, Opportunities Fund, and Collage academic and music scholarships and bursaries.


Yes. There are many available - details can be seen on the college website.

What welfare provision does Churchill offer?


There's a strong support network of students and staff at Churchill who we can rely on for Welfare support. First, and foremost, we all have a tutor, who we can go to with any problems we have. We also have our Wellbeing Coordinator, Louise Ranger, with whom we can have 1:1 meetings to discuss any personal issues or difficulties. From here, we may then be signposted to various services we can use, and may also continue to receive regular support from Louise.  In addition to all this there's always the JCR, who are always ready for a chat, if you just want someone to talk to.


Every student has a tutor and bi-termly tutor meetings. The college also has a wellbeing coordinator, a college counsellor and a college nurse.

What are the facilities like at Churchill?


Wolfson Hall is our main theatre hall, and is where conferences, talks, and plays are held.  There are 2 rooms that are adapted for wheelchair users and 5 are built for wheelchair users with wet rooms. These rooms all have an accessible kitchen nearby; 2 have adjacent rooms suitable for an assistant. There are 2 more rooms which have been adapted for hearing impaired students. There are also many ground floor rooms. Disabled students, and other students with medical exemptions, get priority in room allocations. There is a form we all fill out, stating whether we need a specific room/room type, before the room ballot opens for the whole college.


The gym has 2 squat racks, some machines, dumbbells (upto 30kg), 2 treadmills and some rowing machines. The gym is relatively small but it is big enough for the number of people that use it, although it can get crowded sometimes. It is also lacking some machines (eg. leg extension, lat pull down).   Churchill also has playing fields on-site.

What would you change about Churchill?


As much as I love all the accommodation at Churchill, I have to say, we really need some new curtains! Personally, I'm not really a fan of the multi-coloured checked curtains.


Nothing, really. It is pretty good.

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