Why are these strikes happening?

Members of the University and Colleges Union (which represents academics, lecturers, researchers, administrators, computing staff, librarians and postgraduate students) are striking between 20th Feb. and 13th March 2020. over two national disputes:

  • PAY and EQUALITY - since 2009, the real-terms wages of university staff have fallen by over 20%, while workloads have increased. Casualised, hourly-paid jobs are more and more common, and the gender pay gap across the higher education sector is 12% (and here in Cambridge it’s even worse, at 19.6%). 
  • PENSIONS - workers in higher education are being forced to increase the amount they contribute towards their pensions, which amounts to another pay cut. This comes in the wider context of repeated attacks on university pensions following from the strikes in 2018.

When staff are underpaid and overworked, students' education also suffers. These strikes are not only about pay and pensions: they're about the future of our higher education system, and by standing with our staff we can fight to save it from collapse.

The official dates of the strikes are:

Thurs 20 and Friday 21 February 2020
Mon 24Tues 25 and Wed 26 February 2020
Mon 2Tues 3Wed 4 and Thurs 5 March 2020
Mon 9Tues 10Wed 11Thurs 12 and Friday 13 March 2020


How do they affect me?

Union members have voted for industrial action between 20th Feb and 13th March 2020, which will mean that lectures, seminars, and lab work organised by your faculties may be cancelled on these days. This will cause disruption to students, and the university might try to blame it on the staff themselves. Of course staff would much rather be teaching, researching, and doing the work they enjoy; they deeply regret the impact of strikes on their students. Strikes are part of their efforts to continue doing what they do—to preserve the higher education sector against the devastating cuts which threaten its future.

To show your support, boycott any non-compulsory timetabled University activity and avoid entering University owned sites during the strike period. You can also attend the daily rallies at 12.30 on King’s Parade.

Striking workers will form picket lines outside Old Schools, Downing Site, New Museums (Downing St. entrance), Sidgwick, West Cambridge, Education, and Engineering. These aim to stop other people entering those sites. Instead of crossing a picket line, join one! They’re a wonderful opportunity for staff and students to come together and imagine an alternative vision of education. We will also be coordinating strike support breakfast runs from the SU Lounge every morning, so fill in the spreadsheet online to get involved. 

UCU have created some FAQs if you have any more questions about the strikes.


Student welfare during the strikes

Cambridge SU believe that supporting these strikes is beneficial to student welfare, but we are also offering targeted support for students at this time:

  • The Student Advice Service offers free, confidential and independent support and will be open throughout the strikes (01223 746999 /
  • If you are dissatisfied with the University, you can complain via the University’s complaints procedure (, or by emailing your faculty, copying in your Head of School, the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Education and the Vice-Chancellor’s Office. (Email templates for this, and to email supporting our striking staff, are here).
  • Many support services, including the Disability Resource Centre (DRC) and University Counselling Service (UCS), may have staff who are on strike. The DRC and UCS are both located on the New Museums site and there will be a picket line at the Downing Street entrance to the site. However, UCU have confirmed that students will not be prevented from accessing the University Counselling Service or Disability Resource Centre. There will not be a picket line on the Bene’t Street entrance to the New Museums Site and students will still be able to access these services via this entrance.


Given that some DRC and UCS staff will be on strike, students may wish to show solidarity with them by rescheduling their appointment or calling in sick if necessary. However, we recognise that this will not be possible for all students who regularly rely on these services and we would never ask students to put their own health at risk.


College-provided services (e.g. college counsellors) will be unaffected by strike action so you can still access their support.

  • Cambridge SU will be lobbying the University to end the strikes by agreeing to pay their workers fairly and secure their pensions, and to make alternative exam arrangements for students where necessary.
  • College libraries will be unaffected by the strikes, and we encourage you to share books (this is being organised through the ‘Strikebridge’ page). If you have a book that is due back or has been recalled, Sidgwick Site drop-off boxes are open at the weekend and will be accepting books from all University Libraries. We are currently working with the library service to try and waive recall fines for the duration of the strike.
  • For international students/students on Tier 4 Visas - you are allowed to show support for the strikes by visiting picket lines, but if you have a compulsory class where attendance is monitored make sure you go to that to fulfil your visa requirements! If classes are cancelled, that's no problem.
  • The SU Lounge at 17 Mill Ln. will be available as an alternative study space throughout the strike period, and you can join the Facebook group ‘Strikebridge’ for more information about study spaces in Cambridge, or use Some activities (e.g. seminars) can be conducted as group study sessions away from University sites - colleges are not behind picket lines, and nor are cafes! 

Alternative learning

Cambridge SU and Cambridge Defend Education are organising a mentoring scheme - sign up online to take part. There is also a book-sharing scheme, arranged on Facebook (see ‘Strikebridge’), and we encourage you to arrange informal study sessions with your classmates to discuss your work.

UCU are running an exciting programme of teach-outs every afternoon - check out their website for more information:

We are helping organise collaborative study groups, if you would like to book a room in a college to host a session with your subject use this spreadsheet to find a location.


Where are the picket lines?

Pickets taking place for the fourteen days of strike, escalating from Thursday 20 February to Friday 13 March 2020, are as follows:

  • Downing Site
  • Old Schools
  • Sidgwick:
  • West Cambridge
  • Faculty of Education
  • Addenbrooke’s

Further satellite pickets may be organised at Engineering and New Museums as the strike develops; for more details, keep checking the UCU website, and social media feeds.


UCU Picket lines 2020