amy bottomley

amy bottomley for President (UG)

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Candidate Profile Questions


1. If you could change one thing about Cambridge what would it be?


I would remove all assumptions about the student body being a homogenous group. Not everybody has the same living situation outside of Cambridge, the same financial background, the same commitment to academic rigour above all else. We are a diverse group, from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs. The institution we are all a part of should endeavour to discover those needs and meet them, instead of placating blanket assumptions.


2. Why are you running for this role?


Can I just answer with the ‘why are you running?’ video? Throughout my degree I’ve been committed to supporting students and doing what I can to give voice to those who aren’t being heard. Being the SU UG President would be a great opportunity to continue that work, bringing 4 years of fire with me, and leaving the essay procrastination behind!


3. What should the SU’s long-term priorities be?


Quite simply, to be a union for the students. All students should feel represented by their representatives, both at a J/MCR or departmental level, and at an SU level. No student should feel ‘alienated’ by student politics and everyone should feel as though they have ample opportunity to be heard.


4. What experience would you bring to the role?


I’m the President and Chair of the SU’s Class Act Campaign (previously the Marginalised Genders’ Officer and then LGBT+ Officer). Through those roles I have a thorough understanding of the workings of the SU, including things that I’d want to shape and change. I’ve represented Cambridge nationally in social mobility focussed roles, and like to think I do a decent job at being a friendly face to prospective and current students alike. This year, I was a Campus Director for the first cohort of UN Millennium Fellows in Cambridge, which was a fab opportunity to hone my leadership style that values inclusivity and respect. I may or may not have a very juicy LinkedIn if you want to check out all of the other stuff I’ve been up to…


5. How would you engage with students as their representative?


I think that the key to successful representation is having multiple means of engagement. This might look like weekly updates, social media posts, feedback forms, and a healthy amount of camfess stalking.


6. How do you think student life will change after the pandemic?


Lots of things are uncertain and there is lots to still be done ensuring that no student is disproportionately negatively impacted in the transition from pandemic living to a post-pandemic world. At the very least we might, with consent, be able to touch each other again.


7. Which well-known person inspires you the most?


I’m going to cheat on this one, because I tend to find the most inspiring people are the ones that aren’t very well known. I am particularly inspired by Ada Nield Chew, a factory worker, a writer, a suffragist, and a woman that stood up for herself at a time when that wasn’t easy to do. She also lived in the same town I grew up in - Crewe. Truly an icon.


8. What’s your favourite memory of being a student?


A friend planned a surprise scavenger hunt of the city center in which I had to solve some of the best (and worst.. sorry!) original riddles and take lots of pictures. I touched a cow named Phillip.


9. What’s your favourite place in Cambridge?


The bench next to the John’s pond - bonus points if I spot the deer on the walk from my room.


10. Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself.


- I’m tempted to change my middle name to ‘Oliver’ so my name is Amy ‘I love a Bottom’ ley

- I’ve taken up life drawing over lockdown and am surrounded by nude paintings as I’m typing this.

- I used to think that kiwis would hatch into birds if you kept them warm for long enough.