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Describe your role:

My role as Welfare and Community officer is to support students campaigning for social justice and welfare rights at Cambridge. Additionally, I will be working with the local community: linking up students, staff and local residents in order to address more structural issues across the city, which cannot be seen in isolation from student life here.


Why did you run for the role?

I ran for this role because I believe it’s important for the Students’ Union to build links not only within the student circles, but also within the wider local and global community. For example, while the Students’ Union supports students campaigning against rent hikes, these issues reflect endemic issues within the city, where house prices are extremely high and many workers are not paid a living wage. I believe that this role can not only try to break out of the ‘Cambridge bubble’, but also fight for structural change across the student and wider community.

What are your top priorities for the year?

While my role can be seen to have two sides: both the Welfare and Community side, I hope to prioritise issues which link up with the both. For example, anti-racism campaigning is not only an issue of student welfare, but one which must call for structural change reaching far wider than the colleges and lecture halls of the university. I believe that student campaigns such as Cut the Rent, fighting for divestment, ending the hostile environment in Universities, and paying the Living Wage to all university and college staff simultaneously become issues of welfare but also of justice for students and the wider community, and hope to campaign on all of these issues during my time as Sabbatical officer.

What did you study?

Sociology at Robinson College

What do you do when you’re not working for the SU?

One of my favourite things at the moment is to cycle down to the river for a swim in the sunshine. If the weather isn’t nice enough I’ll usually be cooking with my housemates, reading books or watching films on Mubi (one of my most exciting discoveries during my time at university!).

Favourite place in Cambridge?

I’ve recently been loving walking down across Jesus Green, past an area filled with gorgeous wildflowers and down Portugal Place. It’s always so quiet and such a beautiful walk - I’d definitely recommend walking down these small back roads on a peaceful evening!




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