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Describe your role at Cambridge SU:

As President (UG), I represent the issues that undergraduate students care about to the university through sitting on a variety of different committees. In addition, my role involves working with the President (PG) to help JCRs and MCRs organise around issues their students bring up in colleges, as well as aiding campaigners in making change across the university. On top of all this, my role is to make sure that undergraduate students know what Cambridge SU does day-to-day, what we can offer them, and how they can access our services.

Why did you run for this role?

I ran for this role because I believe that this university can and needs to do better- for all its students, its staff and the wider world it is connected to. Since my first year I have been fighting with and representing students on the biggest issues facing the university, and I wanted to continue this work at Cambridge SU.

What are your top priorities this year?

My policy priorities are reducing unsustainable workloads, making appointment and disciplinary procedures more transparent, and pushing the university to adhere to ethical principles. I also want to make sure that students know what the SU can offer them through engagement with JCRs and MCRs in colleges, and provide support to student campaigners in changing the university for the better. 

What did you study?

History at Robinson College

What do you do when you're not at Cambridge SU?

Outside of my work, I like playing and producing music, reading, and seeing friends and colleagues for a drink when I have time off!

Favourite place in Cambridge?

La Raza on Rose Crescent- they host a funk jam night once a month where I've played with and listened to some amazing local musicians over the last few years.


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