Photo of Howard Chae, the Cambridge SU BME Officer.Facebook | Twitter

Describe your role at Cambridge SU:

As BME officer my role is to represent and advocate for BME students here at the University. I hope to use this position to make Cambridge a more welcoming, safe and fun place for students of colour. 


Why did you run for this role?

I ran for this position because since arriving, I’ve had the passion required to make genuine change at this University. There are a lot of institutional barriers here for people of colour that will require serious effort and dedication to overcome, so I think my commitment makes me the ideal person to carry on the work of the previous BME officer. I also just genuinely care a lot about this place and want to see it at its best!


What are your top priorities this year?

1) Pressuring the University (and on a college-based level) to start taking mental health seriously - BME students suffer disproportionately from bureaucratic, impersonal and highly inconsistent access to support. 2) Getting standardised and compulsory anti-racist training across colleges and faculties for student-facing staff. 3) Working with the other SU officers to help replace the outdated and failing disciplinary procedure with something accessible and well-publicised. Students should feel confident that incidents of racism are taken seriously here and dealt with by a system made up of a diverse group of staff who have the knowledge, experience and training to handle complaints properly.


What did you study?

I (still) study History and Politics! Final year pending….


What do you do when you’re not at Cambridge SU?

I love nothing more than to watch films, cook good food and go for walks on the beach back in sunny Blackpool.


Favourite place in Cambridge?

The arch right at the back of Sidney gardens <3





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