Three photos of Cambridge students placed next to each other, engaging with other students.


We are your brand new, Students’ Union here at Cambridge University. 

We exist to fight for, advocate and represent the interests and needs of all students at Cambridge University. All students are automatically a member, and all members drive what we do.

We’re a registered charity, we’re independent from the University of Cambridge (although we do work in close partnership with them) and we are led by student Officers that you elected.

Our goal is for Cambridge SU to be a groundbreaking organisation that leads the way in representation for all students, both undergraduates and postgraduates. Cambridge SU will replace two current students’ unions, and be a single union for all students. In combining our expertise and resources, we will ensure that all students, regardless of level of study, are represented, supported and have their voice heard across the University of Cambridge. No matter your level of study, background or the marginalisation you may experience, Cambridge SU will be a union that fights for you.

You can read more about how Cambridge SU came to exist in our recent news article.