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The Panel is a relatively new society (founded in 2018) aimed to create a friendly and welcoming environment for the discussion of intellectual questions in a sensitive and accessible manner. We often joke that we are in direct competition with the Cambridge Union but we are more like an alternative (and free!) society with events which are more chill and catered towards fellow students who perhaps might be a little intimidated by the grandeur and exclusivity of the Union.

The society is based in Pembroke College, Cambridge. Our events are free and open to everyone (not just Pembroke!)

Co-Presidents: Julia Betegh (jb2231) and Tek Kan Chung (tkc26)

Why are we called "The Panel"?

Well, for every event, we invite a group of 6 "Panellists" which are mostly composed of fellow students, like you and I, who are passionate and knowledgeable about the topic being discussed. The Panellists direct the discussion in a free-flowing format, and the audience members are free to contribute with additional insight and ideas throughout the debate, but there is no pressure to contribute!

Occasionally we also invite special guests to our Panels. Past panellists have included the Pembroke Bursar, a former CUSU president, and a wildly popular undergraduate politics supervisor.

How are we operating under Covid restrictions?

We're going to experiment with online platforms to see how we can optimise the experience. Give our Facebook page a like for further details.

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