Cambridge SU is delighted that our annual Freshers' Fair event is returning in person this year, to showcase everything Cambridge has to offer to both new and returning students. We will be hosting the 2021 Freshers’ Fair on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th October on Parker’s Piece.

From midday on Friday 13th August listed clubs and society admins will be able to book stalls for the Fair below. Each admin is limited to one purchase, so if you intend to book for two societies please let us know. You also may not book more than one stall per society. If multiple members of your society do book stalls, one of these will be refunded. Societies may not share stalls with one another, however all club and society stalls are subsidised by the SU, costing far below the operating cost of the Fair.

Please make sure to consult the Fair Terms & Conditions before booking. Bookings close on the 3rd September, so act fast! See you on Parker's Piece in October!

There are no available products in this catalogue.