Student Advice Service Update: February

The Advisors at the Student Advice Service are not only a team of professionals specializing in providing support on academic and personal concerns – they also work on projects and this year our focus has been on developing student resources. Some of these are information guides and informative videos on topics such as Supervisor Issues, Examinations and Finance. In these resources, we aim to guide the student through their available options from the College and the University. Our approach of working with students is to empower them and provide them with the information and support needed to independently make decisions that will help them resolve the issues experienced. We hope that these resources will provide just that for some students.

One of the questions students come to us with is financial worries. We have put together an Information Guide to Finance which might be helpful to students who during their studies experience unforeseen financial difficulties. The University recommends that students discuss any sudden change in their financial situation with their College Tutor who can help them explore their options. Most Colleges provide financial hardship support to their student members, as such it might be a good idea for you to explore with your Tutor what support the College can offer in the first instance. Depending on their circumstances and needs, students could also access financial hardship support from the University from the following funds: the Undergraduate Hardship Fund (Bell, Abbott and Barnes); the Hardship Funding for Postgraduate Students; the Crane’s Charity available to any student in financial hardship as a result of exceptional or unexpected medical costs; the Special Hardship Fund for any student who has exhausted other options – intermitting students and those directly affected by covid-19 can also apply to this fund; DRC Financial Support for disabled students; the Childcare Bursary Scheme for students with dependent children; the Sheikh Family Bursaries for undergraduate home students; the Student Hardship Loan Fund for students who are in financial hardship and need a loan. This flowchart is a guide to financial hardship applications which might be helpful to some students and their Tutor in navigating their options and identifying which of those options might be available to them.

Students can get in touch with our Advisors who can help them discuss their personal circumstances and identify any options available to them. Don’t hesitate to get in touch, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm -, phone: 01223 746999  or email: .