Introducing the International Students' Campaign

International Students' Campaign Logo

Far from home but here to stay? Missing the taste of actual good food? Wondering if you’re the only one who mispronounced ‘Magdalene’ on your first day? Fret not as the International Students’ Campaign is here to answer your questions, address your concerns and alleviate your homesickness!

Kick off the year with International Freshers Week, a week-long extravaganza of mingling events, games and quizzes to meet new people from around the globe! Then drown your Week 5 blues in good food as the International Food Festival brings you a selection of cuisines from around the world at a fraction of the price! Feeling down throughout the term? Hop on for our regular social gatherings as we bring you around Cambridge's free museums and gardens or drop by for a round of card games including Cards Against Humanity on Games Night! Want some friends but feeling shy? Sign up for our ISC Families programme with friends or by yourself and watch us work our matchmaking magic, pairing incoming International Freshers with returning students! Have worries about Cambridge life? Drop us a message and let us know how we can campaign for your causes, whether it's access, welfare or other concerns! Thinking about the future? That's very forward-thinking of you, and you can join our Careers Fair to see what career options are open for Internationals after studying!

While we anticipate that social distancing and quarantine restrictions will affect or change some of our activities, we still hope to support you to have the best experience possible while here in Cambridge! Feel free to contact us and we hope that you have a wonderful year with us!