Hello! Previously someone ran a group voice training session for transfems; this is now being expanded to trans/NB voice training in general!
Joint trans voice training sessions at Darwin College 
People of all experience levels, gender expressions, and (non-cis) gender identities welcome! 
There will be some (vegan) snacks and drinks – feel free but not pressured to bring more snacks or drinks. 
(session #1: took place Friday, 3 Nov from 5:00–7:00pm)
session #2: Saturday 18 Nov 5-7pm
session #3: Sunday 26 Nov 1-3pm
session #4: Saturday 2 Dec 5-7pm
Darwin College's Bradfield Room (aka Bradfield Court)

The Bradfield centre is accessible on the ground floor, with a gate to the street and access to toilets in the Study Centre.