All finalists will have received an email and/or a phone call asking them to fill out the National Student Survey. We’re asking you to join our boycott of this survey, which Cambridge students have successfully sustained for four years in a row!


Here are a few compelling reasons why you should join the boycott:

  • Primarily, the survey data is used to prop up the marketisation of education, making universities businesses and students consumers, as the results are used to pit universities against each other in rankings and create a competitive market in higher education. This approach does not prioritise students as learners. 

  • This process damages the quality of education we receive by forcing universities to pour money into marketing and superficial or misguided changes that drive up "satisfaction" statistics without tackling real structural issues. 

  • Scores will be used to justify future tuition fee increases, and are often used to justify cutting courses, shutting departments and sacking staff.

  • The quality of the data is questionable and concerning, as it has been shown to disadvantage women and BME academics as well as discourage innovative teaching. 


To quote UCU, who similarly advocate for a boycott of the NSS, ‘“Satisfaction” is the wrong thing to measure in a university. What counts is whether the student has been intellectually challenged in a supportive environment.’ 


Don’t let your student voice contribute to this process - the university has many other alternative and more productive ways of getting feedback from students and hearing their views, which involve student representatives like J/MCRs, Faculty Reps and Cambridge SU. 

Joining the boycott is easy! All you need to do is:

  1. Ignore any emails asking you to fill in the survey

  2. Politely decline if you receive a phone call by explaining that you’re participating in the Cambridge boycott of the NSS 

  3. Opt-out of survey reminders by clicking the ‘opt-out’ button at the bottom right-hand corner of this webpage.

  4. Withdraw your response if you’ve already done it by sending a quick email to thestudentsurvey@ipsos.com including your name and University

For more information visit our NSS Boycott Webpage.